Thursday, 7 May 2015

I Left School!

Hey Guys!

This post has honestly been such a long time coming but seeing as it was such a pivotal moment in my life I decided to just step back and take it all in.

On the 24th April I officially finished school along with all of my classmates who I have spent the last 6 years with. It was a very special day and weirdly emotional which I definitely wasn't expecting!

The day started with a formal assembly where we all had to be in school uniform. During this assembly there was speeches from our Head Teacher and Year Head about how good we were as a year group and how much they were going to miss us.

Our Head Teacher also took the pleasure in embarrassing us all by sharing pictures of us all throughout the past 6 years and man were they embarrassing! We even played the 'Guess Who' game where there was pictures of some students when they were really young and we had to guess it who was.

At the end of this formal assembly we were all called up onto the stage one by one and we received a certificate as well as our leaver's hoodies which was definitely my favourite part of the day!

As soon as the assembly was over we all changed into our hoodies and were sent off to go and have a Primary school sports day competition. Now my year group as a whole is extremely competitive so you can probably guess what it was like. We got into groups of 10 (mine had 11 but who was counting really) and competed in the egg and spoon race, wheel barrow race as well as a relay. Unfortunately my team The Hakuna Ma Tatta's didn't win but we did come in third place!

The next few hours was basically spent parading round the school in our hoodies getting selfies with our favourite teachers as well as getting them to sign our leavers form which is something that is required before it can be classed as us left.

An awful lot of selfies were taken with my friends as well of course!

In the afternoon we had a second assemble which was informal and run by our Head Boy and Head Girl. This was hilarious because they had a slideshow of pictures that didn't make the yearbook (which I run) as well as some extremely moving speeches which very nearly brought me to tears but I kept them in!

The day was filled with reminiscing over the past 6 years and looking forward to what lies ahead in the future! It was also filled with celebration as one of the biggest parts of your life comes to an end but also a nervousness because you have no idea what is destined for you in the future.

When I turned 18 everyone was all like 'You are an adult now!' but I didn't really feel like one until now because I am free from school.

I finally feel like I am getting the fresh start that I have been wanting for such a long time and I cannot wait to see what is in stored for me in my life, my studies and of course my blog!

                                               Have you recently had a life changing moment?